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Name: Chantale Onesi-Gonzalez
Email: chantale [at] hippiegrrl [dot] com

I am available for freelance online journal gigs! If you would like to see examples of work, other than rise up buffalo, please scan down the page.

Topics that I enjoy writing about include:

  • Buffalo NY
  • Hippie Life
  • Indie/Alternative Music
  • Feminism & Women’s Issues
  • Green Living
  • Gay/Civil/Human Rights
  • Nostalgia
  • Volunteerism
  • Bead Crafts
  • Music Performance & Education
  • Independent Film

Examples of work:

hippiegrrl explains it all: personal blog and backwash archive for hippiegrrl

writer, editor, mentor, moderator and admin for blogging/linking site since 2002.

Backwash Column:
Hippiegrrl Explains It All – dealing with issues of social, political, environmental and gender significance while still entertaining the notion of fun. Most of the columns deal with my own personal experiences dealing with issues of great importance and living life in Buffalo, NY.

Top 3:
A Movie Changed My Life

My first year of college wasn’t the finest time of my life. I commuted 60 minutes round trip per day and being a freshman wasn’t easy if you didn’t live on campus. Add to this, I was a music geek. Being a “geek” of any sort doesn’t lend itself well to the “make friends and influence people” attitude that is fed to kids in their senior year of high school.

Roe vs. Wade Turns 30

On both sides of the abortion issue there are valid points to be made, I just really feel that in the end it all comes down to the fact that this is my body and nobody can make decisions for me about what I want to do with it. In the end, whether abortion is legal or not, women will continue to make the choice. The difference is that when abortion is not legal the choice becomes much more dark and dangerous.

Earth Day Should Be Every Day

Start them out young. Reaching a child with the ideas of recycling, planting, and keeping the earth clean can do a world of good for our future. Kids have to live on this earth longer than us, so they have an even more vested interest into what happens environmentally.

Backwash Newsletters:
Come As You Are – Punk, New Wave, Industrial, Grunge, and beyond. Broaden your musical horizons with the new and the used.
Independent Film & Television – indie films, local tv, vintage shows and anything unique and interesting broadcast over the airwaves.

Buffalo Rising:
restaurant and event reviews for hyperlocal Buffalo website.
Top 2:
Another great deli on Hertel – review of Marco’s Italian Deli
Broadway Market Awarded 501(c)(3) Status – Easter at the market

Web Design/Development Experience:
http://www.hippiegrrl.com – design, development, maintenance, copy writing/editing since 2002.
http://www.riseupbuffalo.com – design, development, maintenance, copy writing/editing since 2004.

Online Portfolios:
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