Slackers Unite!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012, 15:37 | Category : activism, coffee, culture, environmental, history, sociology
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Troy: what happened to your normal clothes? Michael: wow! Lelaina, look at you. You look…where’d you get that dress? Lelaina: Oh, um… I don’t know. I just bought it. But I think I’m gonna go change because… Michael: No, don’t. You look beautiful. You look like… You look like… Troy: A doily. Lelaina: I’m gonna […]

Rochester NY or The Place To Be

Sunday, 18 March 2012, 16:31 | Category : art, coffee, equality, feminisim, rachacha
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“I’m a pixie, I’m a paper doll, I’m a cartoon” Ani Difranco Music has always had an effect on me. It brings memories rushing to the surface, good and bad. When my iPod shuffles to an Ani D song that I have not heard in a while, most likely my thoughts will turn to Rochester, […]

from the archives – we love coffee! 11 october 2007

Tuesday, 22 November 2011, 11:12 | Category : activism, archives, coffee, fair trade, localism
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coffee is one of the best reasons to get up in the morning. at least that is how i feel about it. it was quite easy for me to become addicted to this liquid while working in a cafe. one free pound of beans per week and as much coffee as i could ingest during […]